Wind Turbine Benefits

The Envergate range of vertical axis wind turbines offers outstanding, aerodynamic performance.

Drawing on the experience of some of Europe's most respected and technologically advanced companies for key elements of our systems (generators, invertors, brakes etc), each Envergate wind turbine provides optimum wind harvesting, even in dynamic conditions between gusts and lulls.

  • Highly efficient – Envergate wind turbines have harvest rates of more than 53%. This compares to a maximum achievable rate of 59.3% (according to Betz' Law) with the majority of other systems available achieving well below 40%
  • Excellent return on investment – payback periods are generally between 4 and 10 years
  • Virtually silent operation – at less than 39 decibels the noise from an Envergate wind turbine is generally lower than ambient levels (for example, the sound of refrigerator humming is 40 decibels)
  • Peace of mind – the 20 year design life is backed by a comprehensive warranty (3 or 5 year)
  • Elegant design – our 10kw turbine is roughly the size of an average tree, helping to achieve planning permission (if required)