Financial Benefits

Utilising the Feed in Tariff scheme, energy can be used locally (saving energy costs) with the excess being sold back to the National Grid through the wind turbine’s export meter. A typical family home uses around 4,000kwh of electricity each year; our 10kw turbines typically produce 26,000 kwh annually (assuming an average wind speed of 6m/s) – leaving 22,000kwh to be sold back to the grid on top of the Feed in Tariff.

As a result, the payback period is usually between 4 and 10 years - although this is clearly dependent on specific site conditions. Contact us to discuss your own requirements as some locations will be better suited than others for a wind turbine (it's likely that sites in cities with a high density of buildings that block or deflect breezes might not benefit as much from urban wind turbines compared to those on higher ground or on the edge of towns).