Safety Features

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. There is nothing we take more seriously than the safe installation and operation of every Envergate wind turbine and we believe our systems have the most advanced safety features of any manufacturer. The safety features and performance of each of our products includes:

  • Full storm protection for wind speeds up to 200kph
  • Designed to meet the 'once in 50 year, 3 second 59m/sec gust' test required by MCS
  • Designed for unsupervised operation
  • Emergency braking system to stop or slow rotor blades
  • Hydraulic (fail safe) disc brake
  • Aerodynamic centrifugal clutch (ActiveStall)
  • Full lightning and power surge protection
  • Secure emergency stop circuit for shutdown
  • Dust, sand, salt water and snow proof
  • Icing detected by acceleration sensor
  • Operating temp -30 to +50°C