Our Products


Our high quality product range includes wind turbines with 3.6kw, 10kw, 12kw and 60kw capacity. With products to suit all applications, the range offers sustainable solutions and long term investment opportunities as well as the opportunity to mitigate against rising energy prices.

Depending on the available wind speed, the pay back period for our products can be as little as 4 years, with a typical payback period of 8 years – contact us for more information.

The Envergate vertical axis system features dynamic pitch control. Featuring ‘H-rotors’, the products are the first to be designed with a cyclic blade pitch, which makes them ideal for weak, variable, inconsistent or gusty winds. In fact the perfect product for UK weather conditions.

Dynamic pitch control describes the utilisation of the wind controlled vane, which reacts rapidly to changes in wind direction. The pitch of each wing is actively positioned to the correct angle during the 360 degree rotation, so that the efficiency, and subsequent power production, is maximised.

Developed for optimum performance, each Envergate wind turbine has been designed to harvest the maximum amount of wind energy.

Designed to be elegant and less obtrusive than traditional products, each Envergate vertical axis wind turbine provides virtually silent operation together with an elegant, compact design and can be used for distributed power generation in residential, agricultural and commercial applications.

Our products have been designed for a minimum 20 year operating life and are all supplied with a comprehensive 3 - 5 year warranty.