The high-performance Envergate ev1200 wind turbine provides an efficient and reliable energy supply for larger-scale projects, with the pitch control of the wings driven by electric motors.

Wind power plants in the commercial segment power plants are suitable for residential and industrial areas for their own consumption and feed into the national power grid.


  • Family houses, residences, hotels
  • Farmyards, urban areas, communities
  • Industrial buildings, park areas
  • Windfarms, Compaction, Repowering

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  • Technical Specification


    Nominal performance at 11.5m/s 60kVA
    Installed peak power 85kVA
    Grid-Power adjustable 30-60kVA
    Bidirectional Grid / Battery Operation optional
    Startup / Engage / Cut-off wind speed 1.6 / 2.5 / 22m/s
    Wing span / Rotor diameter / Swept area 12m / 10m / 120m2
    Mast / Rotor Center / Top wing tip height 22 / 24 / 30m
    Wing, 135kg, foiled, matt white 80% cfk / 20% gfk
    Pitch control X/Y axis Electrical Servo
    Generator 60KVA, 47 Hz, 3 phase 35 pole pair, PMG
    Inverter 60KVA with Buck-Booster Converter Efficiency >97%
    Net feed-ON-GRID (50/60Hz) 400VAC (+/- 3%)
    Power factor range (adjustable) 0.8 ind. to 0.8 cap.
    Total harmonics distortion (HDT) on grid < 3%
    Turbine control (Master-Slave via fiber optics) 2 PLC
    Data transmission to Web Portal, Remote Login GPRS/UMTS/xDSL
    Annual performance at 5m/s * 73’000 kWh/a
    Annual performance at 7,5m/s * 201’000 kWh/a
    CE Certification based on IEC 61400-2:2006 Wind Class 2
    Noise emission @ 1-10m/s wind speed 38 - 43 dB
    First custom deliveries September 2012
    Delivery time, calendar days 120
    Order placement Yes

* ISA Standard Atmosphere, Weibull 2