The versatile Envergate ev312g wind turbine is suitable both as a battery charger (12-48 volts DC) and as a compact turbine for residential applications (230 VAC 1-phase). The system provides both subsidised energy and feed in to the National Grid and may be located on roofs or mast-mounted (with or without foundations).


  • Houses and apartments
  • Heat pumps (cooling)
  • Ideal complement to solar energy installations
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Grid Connection

* family houses, cottages, addition to photovoltaics, ridged roofs, radio and mobile phone masts, heat, water pumps and conditioning, mobile deployment, battery charger

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    Nominal capacity 3.6kW
    Installed capacity 4.0kW peak
    Nominal wind speed 13m/s 25.3kn
    Start-up wind speed 1.5m/s 3kn
    Engage wind speed 3m/s 5.8kn
    Noise level 40 dB (20m distance, 5m/s wind)
    Design layout 20 years
    Warranty 2/3 years
    CE - Certification acc. IEC WT 01 (EN61400-2:2006)

    Material composite (CFK)
    Wings wing-span 3.12m, diameter 2.5m
    Wing pitch control mechanical
    Wind tracing mechanical wind vane

    Electrical brake generator, dump load
    Overspeed protection governor (active stall)

    Output ON - GRID 230 VAC, single phase, 50 - 60 Hz
    Output OFF - GRID 24 /48 VDC
    Battery pack on request

    Type steel, stainless, galvanised
    Standard mast height 4/8 m
    Foundation (8m mast) 2.1 x 2.1 x 1m deep (ref. value)
    Weight 250 - 800 kg (acc. to mast)

    Control cabinet inhouse / outdoor

subject to modification and amendments